2Far2See - Richard Whitson Photography

I am a keen Scottish photographer of a wide range of subjects from wildlife, insects, flora, sport, moon, sunspots, landscapes, starscapes and 3D-stereo photography.  Occasionally I dabble in creating digital-art.

Although I have been interested in photography from an early age, it is only really since 2009 that the bug took hold and with each passing year I get more engrossed.  I have now amassed thousands of images so, with the encouragement of friends and family, thought I should do something with them: hence this website.

Why 2Far2See ? .... basically I prefer using long lenses for much of my work so the images you will see will generally, but not always, be more the sort of view you would see through a telescope or using binoculars so .... too far to see .... at least with the naked eye.

For wildlife, mostly birds, I am a firm believer in only shooting wild animals in natural settings and take care not to disturb or stress the subject.  I like to provide different views that show more of the character and habitat and a nice image, not just a picture of say a bird.

Insects, spiders and other bugs are only a fairly recent interest, again shot in their natural surroundings without actually catching or disturbing the little critters.  I particularly like shooting small insects using a macro-lens ..... too small to see .....you could say, since some of these are super little souls.

Sport is mostly windsurfing and since images are of specific individuals normally access is restricted by a private password unless the subject has agreed for the image to be made public unless these have been taken as part of an official event.

I hope you enjoy the photographs: I am always open to receiving constructive comments so please feel free to provide feedback either by commenting on images or Contact Me using the Button at the top right of this page.

Lastly, a huge thanks to James Cox at Accurate Creations for his help and guidance and his expert customisation of the Smugmug engine.... cheers James, I couldn't have done it without you !

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