Conditions of Use:

Use of photos is governed by the following terms:

1) I retain copyright on all images and have control over how and where they are used, subject to the following points.

2) If an image contains a particular individual as the main subject I will not use the image, pass it to any third party or make it public without the subject's permission. 

3) these are for your personal use only: no commercial use, business use or club use,

4) do not alter the images in any way, e.g. by re-cropping or adjusting colour, making them into digital or other art or incorporating them in any way into any piece of art etc…

5) do not add logos, sponsors banners etc.. without my advance permission.

6) you can only post shots of your self on social media, or any other site, but you must on each post provide photo credit regardless of whether the photo is watermarked or not. A simple “Photo: Richard Whitson” will suffice in the text that goes with the photo post.

7) if you post a shot to a site or any location, and I am not happy with how it is being portrayed, or its associations, you must have it removed if I ask you to do so.

8) do not submit to magazines, papers, or any other publication without my permission in advance.

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